Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) was responsible for the introduction of this term in 2010 and Global Alliance for Climate-smart Agriculture (GACSA) was officially launched during COP24 in November 2014. 

CSI is an approach to help transform and redirect agri-systems with the purpose of supporting important agro-industries. Although CSI has been advertised as an effective way to guarantee food security in a changing climate context, its objective is to displace small, family farming and end not only traditional technical knowledge on agriculture, care for and maintenance of a variety of creole seeds with techniques tested and practised from time immemorial, but also food sovereignty, all of which is achieved by destroying agricultural biodiversity, monopolising water use, occupying lands, and producing dependency to agrochemicals and genetically modified seeds. 

CSI has been reported by farming movements and organisations and those against false solutions to climate change as it only increases the profit and control of agribusinesses which, simultaneously, earn vast sums from carbon markets.

Download the Climate Justice Glossary: 

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