Fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions

Just 100 fossil fuel companies are responsible for 70% of the world’s historic greenhouse gas emissions,* and the 20 largest oil and gas companies are responsible for a third of all those emissions alone! Oil companies are also associated with a host of other irreversible ecological damages, abuses, and crimes such as water contamination from fracking, oil drilling in small communities, and pipeline leaks and explosions. They have also fueled war and conflict around the globe.

Alongside them are the aviation, freight, automobile and plastic packaging industries. All are linked to oil — and all are trying to hold the world back in the last century. To hide all this, these sectors are funding a climate-denial machine. With their dedicated PR teams and press officers, and with lobbyists in governments all over the world, they have so far managed to maneuver us into a global failure in combating the climate crisis.

Oil was the energy of the 20th century! The world already has viable and scalable energy alternatives that cause much less harm. The use of clean energy and a gradual transition in the global energy matrix is ​​a fact, and it’s already happening. Structural change is hard, but it always brings innovation and fresh air.

Let’s join our voice with millions of young people around the world demanding a more just and sustainable planet free of exploitation. If we want real action to address climate change, we must hold the biggest polluters on the planet accountable for the damage they cause and stop their pollution.

*since 1988

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