CSS | BECCS – Fictitious technological solutions

Big Polluters will present a play during COP 26 with the objective of receiving carte blanche to continue polluting as usual. In the play, they will present two fictitious technological “solutions” to suggest they can continue to pollute and somehow capture carbon from the atmosphere via risky and unproven schemes.

One of these is a process developed by the oil industry in part to reach deep oil reserves. Under the name of “Carbon Capture and Storage” (CCS), they try to portray this technology as a benefit to the climate when, in fact, it is an old acquaintance often used to exploit more oil, which could increase consumption of fossil fuels by up to 40 percent .

The second technology is Bioenergy and Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS), which is a combination of burning biomass, such as trees, to produce energy and then simultaneously sucking the emissions out of the air and somehow store them underground with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) processes.

These two fanciful technologies are neither energetically nor ecologically viable. They are also a threat to human rights, environmental justice and food security, given the amount of land that would be needed to grow enough biomass to burn, as well as the particulate matter and harmful pollution from burning biomass to produce energy.

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