Climate Collapse

Weather conditions have always been subject to change. Nonetheless, modern anthropogenic activity with its energy consumption pattern based on fossil fuels has fatally weakened the Earth’s system originating sudden, fast, and unforeseen changes in climate due to global warming.

This collapse/crisis notion alludes to the unsustainability of human and nonhuman life on Earth caused by a view rooted in a patriarchal, racist, anthropocentric, androcentric, speciesist and colonial organisation of modern social structures. In recent years, this viewpoint has been detrimental to biodiversity, water, soil and other elements of nature precipitating and affecting ecological cycles, leading to changes in ecosystems–irreversible, in some cases.

Multiple are the crises–economic, health, political, and care, among many others– which heighten the need for ethical living that, in an attempt to halt the collapse, reorganises, regenerates, repairs and heals the bonds between humanity and Nature.

Download the Climate Justice Glossary:

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