GEOENGINEERING – Geoengineering is a false and dangerous response to the climate crisis encouraged by governments and corporations which advertise hypothetical schemes of largescale human intervention in oceans, soil and the atmosphere, with the objective of ‘reducing climate change’. Speculating and manipulating scientific knowledge, geoengineering promotes ‘solutions’ which will grow into profitable businesses. 

No evidence of effectiveness of such proposals has been gathered; however, there is growing concern about the potential, devastating and massive consequences they would have on climate, Nature and people’s livelihoods. These proposals would disproportionately increase the impacts–some irreversible–on Earth and local communities, especially those from the Global South. 

Geoengineering contemplates approaching climate change symptoms ignoring its structural causes and opens the possibility to continue extracting and consuming fossil fuels. It highlights that humanity will soon develop a technology appropriate to avoid and revert climate collapse.

Download the Climate Justice Glossary:

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