Systemic change

SYSTEMIC CHANGE – The overwhelming evidence of the impact of climate change undoubtedly confirms the structural causes of the climate crisis. Capitalism–regarded as an economic and organisational system, global and institutionalised–is destroying life on Earth solely to make some achieve financial growth and wealth concentration. 

If we are to address the structural causes, a systemic change must be introduced. Even if we lack thorough understanding as to what this means, we acknowledge that there is an overriding need for a transition not only to reconstruct forms of social organisation and restore harmony in Nature but also to attain social justice and equity. 

Such a change must eradicate capitalism and power relations as well as extractivism, patriarchy, racism, colonialism, speciesism and class discrimination. It must establish the common, the collective, the communal, care, and webs of life as the core values of a socio-economic organisation which distributes wealth equally, encourages adequate food consumption, and provides a fulfilling life principally to historically marginalised groups–displaced and enduring the consequences of a wealth accumulation system. There is a need for a model which respects human rights of indigenous communities, women, country people, workers as well as the rights of Nature. 

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