What is historical responsability?

HISTORICAL RESPONSIBILITIES RESPONSIBILITIES FROM MAIN POLLUTERS – Some historically responsible nations have assuredly caused the climate crisis. The discussions among multiple countries concerning this topic have directed their attention solely to the responsibilities from the States, displaying developing countries’ historical responsibilities–with the US leading the list and followed by Europe and other industrialised countries, all of whom have exploited fossil fuels to develop their industry, establish colonial relations, control resource access, and yield profit. 

To be fair, this analysis must also consider inequalities and inequities within each State. Thus, debating over historical responsibilities involves arguing about the handsome profit that public and private transnational corporations, oligarchies, and financial elites have yielded; and also about the responsibility of political participants and decision makers who have allowed and covered plundering, destruction of Nature, and rights violation so as to build a system based on impunity. Concurrently, it is inconceivable to blame indigenous communities, workers or deprived migrants for the global climate debt. There are, admittedly, elites in the South whose imperialistic livelihood reinforces global warming.

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