Global South / Global North

GLOBAL NORTH AND GLOBAL SOUTH – Currently in an upward trend, Global South is a term sometimes employed in a contradictory and confusing manner. It is sometimes used to exclusively speak of the south geographically or to replace the term developing countries. In other occasions, it alludes to the most vulnerable communities, irrespective of their geography. Therefore, it seems critical to develop a definition which constructs a narrative in favour of a systemic change. 

The phrase itself may be employed to spread and cover inequalities and injustices in the Global South. The concept cannot allude to oligarchies, businesspeople, landowners, managers, and representatives of transnational corporations from ‘southern developing countries’. 

The concept Global South designates a) those local communities, indigenous groups, country people and administrative divisions which are victims of the impacts resulting from capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, structural violence and extractivism; and b) those who are defenceless, chased, intimidated and threatened by corporations, the economic system and the governmental system. Therefore, this definition encompasses Global South communities in the US and Europe as well. 

Global North must then refer to States, territorial border institutions, elites, oligarchic agribusinesses, and finance agencies as well as individuals and entities which facilitate or obtain profit out of the exploitation, plundering and hoarding of wealth. Therefore, this definition encompasses Global North communities in southern countries. 

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