Nature Based Solutions (NbSs)

NbS, a term coined in 2009, are ‘solutions’ for capitalism to continue extracting from and destroying Nature. They enjoy the support from the United Nations as well as oil firms (such as Shell, Chevron, Total, ENI and BP), mining firms (like BHP), and conservation organisations (such UICN, The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International). 

Adopting NbSs, corporations can justify their pollution claiming that there is ‘no need to leave fossil fuels buried; no need to halt industrial agriculture or mining’ because, presumably, ‘trees, soil and oceans can clean CO2 deriving from fossil fuels’. 

Lands are preferred denuded of communities, indigenous peoples and countrymen. Were this not possible, buyers would prefer to purchase their environmental service on sale. NbSs would also allow the appropriation of these lands to compensate for the loss of biodiversity or water pollution (as a result of industrial agriculture or extractivism). 

Download the Climate Justice Glossary:

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