The Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement is a treaty inscribed in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 

The implementation of the Paris Agreement will lead to adverse consequences for the territories, forests, climate and the Earth itself: a global carbon market is put forward, heightening false solutions and aggravating the crisis to devastating proportions. 

The Agreement ends the common but differentiated responsibility (CBDR) principle: all is based on voluntary cooperation, projects similar to REDD+ are advertised, and false solutions are encouraged. Hence, what has been agreed on is not a treaty to fight climate change but an agreement to set carbon trade worldwide.

With the implementation of the Agreement, the cause of global warming–the extraction and burning of fossil fuels–will never be solved. For this reason, nations, movements and organisations must report and continue resisting extractivism, industrial agriculture and livestock production expansion, uncontrolled urbanisation towards rural areas, the advancement of infrastructures, corporate renewable energies, and the adoption of false solutions for climate change. 

The Paris Agreement is framed within a context of ‘forced’ consensus over an environmental transition to promote market solutions which only aggravate the collapse.

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